Epoxy Floor Installation Training

Become a vital part of a growing multi-million dollar industry with Factory 1

Factory 1 has dedicated a complete training program to make sure you are fully prepared to be the best epoxy installer within the coatings industry.  Depending on the client we will custom tailor each training program from the brand-new business owner to the seasoned vet looking for new installation techniques.  After your training is complete, Factory 1 will be there with ongoing technical and marketing support throughout your business venture.  Before any training takes place we strongly urge you to get your contractor’s license (Example: CA license needed C61/D12), insurance and bond to give your business the proper coverages and compliances within your state .

Being an authorized F1 installer is serious business to us, our brand name is on the line too.  We will teach you how to properly prepare concrete, operate and maintenance your prep equipment, how to test concrete for moisture vapor, how to bid jobs, how to make the decision of accepting or declining a floor installation, how to properly mask and prep, professionally repair cracks and divots, how to clean and prepare the concrete to receive our coatings, mixing and reducing products, material pouring, epoxy rolling and back rolling techniques, how to broadcast vinyl chips/quartz, proper scraping/smoothing techniques, paint chip collection, and how to properly clear coat to insure adequate and consistent coverages.

We have trained hundreds of clients throughout the United States and beyond to become an epoxy floor specialist.  If you think you have what it takes to become your own boss and want to learn how to make money in the coatings industry with Factory 1, please email us today.   We will keep you updated with upcoming training dates that will cater to your specific coating needs.

Chris Eyles
PCS INC/Factory 1 High Performance Coatings

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Epoxy Flooring Installation Training & Support

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